What I have to offer: I have enjoyed many years as an Information Technology Professional and have been be able to immerse in a wide range of IT-related roles from workstation support, through system administration, and business process and internet application development in a variety of platforms and scales.

I have a reputation for exhibiting outstanding analytical, and critical thinking skills with the ability to devise and implement creative technical solutions that return cohesive long-term results.

Outside of working hours, I am currently exploring Android development through game programming using Go and in conjunction with protoyping games in HTML5 and Javascript.


I've spent enough time with these that English is no longer my first language:

PHP, SQL, Go, HTML, Javascript, XML, Java, JSON *, XML, CSS, Shell scripting, Python, Lotus Formula/Script.


I've enjoyed using these little helpers recently:

Wordpress, jQuery, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Salesforce, Zendesk.


These are a few of my favorite things:

NetBeans, Sublime, Subversion, Redmine, Git/Github, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.


Platforms and server systems with which I am comfortable:

Linux (CentOS and Fedora), Windows, iOS, Apache, MySQL, IBM Lotus Domino, CouchDB, Node.js., Amazon AWS.

* Yes. Not a language. But it likes hanging out with these others.


  • 2016
  • Vice President of Technology

    July 2016 - present

    86Borders, LLC

    While working at StarPound, Marian worked very closely with 86Borders; a relationship which, over time, matured from a part time to permanent role. As this outstanding startup is evolving those duties are constantly being defined. Currently, the primary duties involve managing customer and vendor relationships including identification and implementation of new technical vendors required for the complex 86Borders infrastructure. As with StarPound, the environment requires working closely with all team members including advising C-level executives navigating technical decisions and guiding product management and system and software engineers as they fulfill the delivery needs as defined by the business.

  • VP of Tech.

    As a startup organization in which all team members need to wear many hats at any given time, 86Borders enables Marian to continue to maintain and improve upon many of the skills she gained in past roles such as database design and development, API and integrated application design and development, and systems analysis and design.

    Recently, Marian has been able to exercise and expand upon her past experience in systems security administration by working with the 86Borders' Healthcare vertical which entails understanding, establishing, and maintaining HIPAA compliance within the environment.

    Skills: Teledini
  • 2015
  • Director of Integrations

    March 2014 - July 2016

    StarPound Technologies

    Was commuted from Senior Developer of Teledini to Director of Integration for StarPound in early 2014. This role entails overseeing business analysts, UX designers, developers, and system engineers to coordinate the design, development, integration, and deployment of custom call center and workflow applications that are built upon the StarPound platform as well as upgrades and enhancements to the UX components of the StarPound platform itself.

    Skills: Teledini
  • Senior PHP Developer

    July 2012 - March 2014


    Assisted this Atlanta-based startup to build a sound development and production architecture while providing various as-needed development services and mentoring a group of interns and developers in a variety of IT disciplines including general best practices in development and server/service administration procedures.

    Skills: Teledini
  • Senior LAMP Developer

    January 2012 - June 2012

    New Frequency, Inc.

    Stabilized, secured, internationalized, and maintained a Python/MySQL application used for tracking and alerting the status of wireless remote wildlife trap monitoring devices. This project utilized the Django framework on Apache along with Dojo Toolkit for Javascript functionality.

    Skills: NF
  • Senior LAMP Developer

    October 2009 - June 2012

    Conservation Resource Solutions, Inc.

    Refactored the extensive library of PHP OOP classes used to model five-minute interval metered data in order to allow its components to be lazy loaded. This increased the efficiency and load time of bringing thousands of points of data to the user through common Internet browser clients while rendering an RIA that leveraged Javascript and Flash charts.

    Skills: CRS
  • Information Technology Manager

    April 2008 - October 2009

    International Plant Nutrition Institute

    Provided web-based and internal Lotus Domino development and system administration for internal clients and systems in over eleven countries; services provided both remotely from the Georgia based office and at client locations. This position also required providing a full battery of IT services to staff members both as a remote service from the corporate office and on site in the various countries.

    Skills: IPNI
  • Programmer/Administrator

    September 2007 - April 2008

    Rearview Advertising

    Designed, developed and deployed the porting of a metered data energy usage management portal from ASP and VB/VB Script to PHP, MySQL and Javascript. The project required extensive use of advanced relational database query techniques and both functional and object-oriented development methodologies. Provided administration and installation of various CentOS, Fedora, and Windows servers.

    Skills: RVADV
  • 2007
  • Senior Systems Analyst, Programmer, Administrator

    August 2002 - April 2007

    Onity (United Technologies Fire & Security Division)

    Provided full life-cycle programming and server administration of global Lotus Notes/Domino environment including systems integration using vbScript, Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and C# applications as required by the task being addressed for this 400-user, 35-server, global environment with offices in 16 countries.

    Skills: Onity
  • Programmer/Administrator (Part-Time & Contract)

    October 2001 - September 2007

    Wyrme Development & WyrmeNet

    Engaged in short-term projects to provide Internet application development, database administration, and web server administration for small start-up companies while building LAMP development skills. These projects leverage various languages and techniques including extensive PHP, HTML and CSS use with AJAX enhancements.

    Skills: WyrmeNet
  • Information Technology Manager

    October 1998 - October 2001

    Dennis and Company Research

    Primary duties spanned server adn network administration, workstation support and development for this small company with offices in four states. Developed databases for internet opinion surveys, demographic tracking, and an application for deduping survey data.

    Skills: DAC
  • Programmer/Application Support Specialist

    August 1996 - October 1998

    The Coca-Cola Company

    Provided full life-cycle support and development of a multilingual suite of Lotus Notes applications in response to gap analysis in support of the company’s years-long ERP Project that consisted of over 600 project team members.

    Workstation support duties included building standard laptop and desktop software images, asset and security management, working with various corporate and vendor service providers to install LAN and voice cabling, diagnosing and repairing physical, protocol and application-layer networking problems in LAN and WAN, and installation and integration of Novell and NT-based Notes servers into the corporate network.

    Skills: KO
  • 1996
  • Server Administrator/Technical Writer (Contract)

    April 1996 - August 1996

    BellSouth Telecommunications

    Deployed and supported Windows NT-based Lotus Notes server for internal workflow applications and internal email functionality in support of a mainframe upgrade and migration project as well as providing technical documentation services in support of the migration project.

    Skills: BS
  • Technical Documentation Team Lead/Workstation Support Specialist (Contract)

    March 1995 - April 1996

    The Coca-Cola Company

    Worked closely with the company’s workstation support personnel to address the specialized needs of the training documentation team. Provided technical guidance as well as graphic documentation expertise to a team of individuals producing training documentation for a new product training initiative utilizing Microsoft documentation products (now Microsoft Office), Adobe PhotoShop and CorelDraw.

    Skills: KO
  • Computer Aided Drafting Operator/Technical Graphics Specialist (Contract)

    May 1994 - March 1995

    AER Energy Resources, Inc.

    Retail Store Services

    Provided various computer aided drafting and graphical services in support of laptop battery design and store space optimization projects.

    Skills: AER
  • Computer Aided Drafting Operator/Workstation Support Technician

    September 1990 - May 1994

    ERM-Southeast, Inc.

    Used AutoCAD, CorelDraw, WordPerfect software packages to provide full service civil engineering drawing and documentation services including preparation of camera-ready copy for four-color offset printing. Worked with various vendors and internal company resources to coordinate documentation production efforts.

    Was responsible for support of the AutoCAD computers client applications within the environment.

    Skills: ERM
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist/Forms Analyst/Workstation Support Technician

    September 1988 - September 1990

    The Home Depot, Inc.

    Worked with several of the company’s internal departments to provide full life-cycle forms and marketing document management and desktop publishing services using Aldus Pagemaker in a DOS environment. Provided workstation and application support specific to the needs of teammates.

    Coordinated with professional trainers from Wang Laboratories to design specialized training in the use of computers and software for the documentation team resulting in improved production and accuracy within the environment.

    Skills: HD
  • Desktop Publishing Specialist/Forms Analyst/Workstation Support Technician

    June 1987 - September 1988

    Hitachi Maxco Limited

    Arrowhead Security Dist.

    Began as data-entry clerk and was quickly promoted to Computer Aided Graphics Specialist after demonstrating particular proficiency with manipulating computer graphics in this pre-mouse computing environment.

    Used DOS-based software such as WordPerfect and Aldus Pagemaker to fulfill a wide variety of documentation needs from forms through booklets and marketing materials. Provided co-workers with technical support and training in the use of operating system, word processing, and graphic applications as required by the individual.

    Skills: Hitachi
  • 1987


The vast majority of my work has been with proprietary corporate and pay-wall applications. I'm presently playing around with Go and hybrid mobile apps. I'll provide those samples when they are ready.

If these samples don't satisfy what you are looking for in publicly-accessible sample work, please contact me with what you are seeking and I can provide further sanitized samples in the form of discussion and when applicable, screenshots.

  • The Obligatory CRUD Demo

    The Obligatory CRUD Demo

    A little PHP/MySQL exercise.

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  • Communication API Boilerplate

    Communication API Boilerplate

    A simplified API to be used as a starting point for creating a helper system to facilitate movement of data through a system involving multiple communication and data endpoints.

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  • Wordpress Plugin for Teledini

    Wordpress Plugin for Teledini

    A Wordpress Plugin wrapper for Teledini's Engagement Tools product.

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  • PHP Color and Image Manipulation Exercise

    PHP Color and Image Manipulation Exercise

    Some fun with colors. Falling squarely under the category of "Because we can; not necessarily should."

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I am always interested to learn about new projects and ideas. If you think I can help you achieve your goals, then reach out and let's chat about it.